Cammeray Croquet Club


There are currently four classes of membership

Full membership: Full members may play at anytime, and have voting rights. Yearly subscription $142 + $58 Croquet NSW affiliation fee if not affiliated through another club.

Restricted membership: Restricted members have no voting rights, may not hold office and have restricted access to the club's facilities. Yearly subscription $27 + $58 Croquet NSW affiliation fee if not affiliated through another club. At present there are two categories of restricted membership. The first is for members of closed groups that are given exclusive access to the club at specific times on a regular basis and can participate in club social functions but don't have the other priviledges of membership. The second is for members who only wish to play Golf Croquet on the weekly GC social play session held each Sunday afternoon (although they can practice at other times proided the lawns are not in use.

Social membership: Social members may participate in social functions but may not play croquet. They shall have no voting rights and may not hold office. Yearly subscription $20

Life membership: A life member has all the priviledges of a full member but does not pay a membership fee. However if they play croquet at the club, they must pay a Croquet NSW affiliation fee.

Members green fees are $4 per day with a maximum $12 per week (starting midnight Sunday) for daytime play and $0 per evening for play under lights. Visitors from other clubs $6 per day and an evening surcharge for lighting.

Cammeray Croquet Club welcomes new members..

If you have never played Croquet before we have a carefully designed process that will give you the opportunity of trying out the sport and, if you find it to your liking, supporting you to the point that you can enjoy playing in one of our regular social play sessions. Click on this link for details.

Players with experience can bypass some of the formalities. They can decide whether to join Cammeray in addition to their 'main' club, or just to take advantage of their affiliation with Croquet NSW to obtain access to some of the restriced areas of this website, so that they can arrange matches, correspond with our members, etc. There is a range of options which can be discussed with our Secretary.

Novice players click here to register interest in the next course of lessons

Players from other clubs click here to get email invitations to open events
This form allows you to either register to use our website (to book into events or contact our members to arrange a game), or to apply for membership of Cammeray Croquet Club in addition to your existing club membership. You can also use the form if your membership of another club has now lapsed and you would like to start again as a member at Cammeray. If membership is currently closed, you will be placed on a waiting list.

Experienced players click here to apply for membership