Our Committee

These are the people who keep Cammeray Croquet Club humming along smoothly -

Sandra Colquhoun
Committee Member     

Susan Eldridge-Smith
Committee Member     

Five years ago, a happenstance introduction to this fabulous game was my good fortune.
Instantly it became my new passion, enjoying the outdoors most days in practise or competition.......and haven't cracked the code yet!
Being on the committee as Social Convenor has been a lot of fun, only for the support and friendship of a terrific group of people who make the job a pleasure.
Sailing with my husband is my other good fortune!

Michael Hughes

Around 15 years ago Michael had 2 hip replacements, and found the much improved mobility made it more enjoyable to play sport than to sit behind a desk, so he retired from the actuarial world (the club is overrun with actuaries!). As his father took up croquet in retirement and enjoyed it, Michael convinced 3 of his friends to take lessons … and the rest is history. Alan Walsh and Ted Griffin were two of the three – the third regrettably took up bowls instead.

Ralda Kirton
Committee Member     

Having retired, I was looking for activities to ‘keep me off the streets’ when my memory was jogged by a previous work colleague of my thoughts that I would see what croquet was about when I became a total ‘lady of leisure’ – not sure what that is! So I took up golf croquet which I enjoyed but looking across the lawns where people were playing AC I thought that looks like a game I could be interested in, if others can do it, why not me. So after 4 years I now have some appreciation of AC, enjoy a game or two and some competitions to keep the adrenaline flowing. Retirement is busy, croquet and associated activities help to keep it so along with travel and my other interests.

Ian Lucas
Committee Member     

Steve Miles

Contact Steve for questions on playing times or if you want to arrange a practice session. Steve is a frequent competitor in Association tournaments. Best known for his garden on the corner of Oaks Ave and Park Ave (yes, the Victorian Terrace that overlooks the Croquet Lawns)

Margaret O'Brien
Committee Member     

Michael Strickland

Michael hails from the other side of the world, but a Ten Pound fare was enough inducement to get him ‘downunder’. Back then, and for many subsequent years, he eked out an eminently forgettable existence as a lawyer.
In a fondly anticipated retirement, he had planned to sail more, play more golf, and generally make himself comfortable at home (preferably with a good book).
But Croquet has intervened in a big way. Sailing has gone with the wind. Golf has almost gone with it. And the third plan never got past the leader of the opposition. Happily, reading, tennis, and skiing still feature.
It may not be a pretty sight, but this is what a ‘croquet tragic’ looks like.

Alan Walsh
Committee Member     

Born in Brisbane in 1945, Alan spent 35 years in the IT industry as a software engineer, and started playing croquet only after retiring in 2005.
Has played a few times in the NSW representative team in interstate teams championships, and in four individual AC World Championships.
Until croquet interfered, his primary recreation was competitive Bridge. Success in that field includes State and National team titles and representing Australia in international events over a 40-year period.

Beverley Westwood
Vice President     

Warren Yates

Warren Yates took up Croquet not long after retiring from academia where was a professor of Electrical Engineering. He has served on the Committee for 8 years, the last 4 as Secretary. Like many in the Club he enjoys social games and the occasional tournament and is not too concerned that he seems to be destined to be forever a Bronze player. Warren maintains the club website and is the first point of contact for prospective members and groups who would like to hire the lawns for a social function. When not playing Croquet he is crowdfunding investment in solar installations on commercial buildings through the not-for-profit social enterprise ClearSky Solar Investments, that he set up in 2013 with fellow ex-councillor Christina Kirsch.