Starting package enquiry

The form below can be used by anyone wanting to try out croquet.  You will be contacted by the club to arrange a free introductory session which will cover the two different games of croquet, namely Association Croquet and Golf Croquet. At that point you can, if you wish, immediately apply for membership as a Golf Croquet member. However we strongly encourage you to take the next step by subscribing to a series of six one hour lessons over the subsequent weeks. These lessons will be taken by an accredited coach and cost just $60 in total.  The lessons will get you to the point where you know the rudiments of Association Croquet and can enjoy social games with other players of the same standard.  At the end of the six lessons you will be eligible to become a full member of the club.

Once you become a member you can progress with your game as much or as little as you wish. Playing sessions are scheduled at different times of the week for players in different handicap ranges and there also sessions where players of all standards are welcome. The club provides great coaching opportunities for those who want to improve their game. Once you are a member you can also enter club tournaments, and tournaments run by other clubs and Croquet NSW.   

Please enter your contact details in the spaces below. Your name and email address are required fields - the form will not be sent if either field is empty. These details will be kept confidential and will be destroyed if you do not proceed with membership.

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Click the 'Send' button when you have completed the form. This will send the form as an email to our Secretary, who will contact you to arrange your introductory session.