Cammeray Croquet Club is located in the sporting complex bounded by Ernest St and Park Ave Cammeray, a suburb of Sydney in Australia. The club has a large and growing membership of Croquet enthusiasts across the complete spectrum of handicaps. We hope you will find our site useful in finding out about the club and about croquet in general

If you would like more information please email info@cammeray-croquet.org.au or call in at the club at one of playing sessions and talk to us or simply watch a game. At present there is always Association Croquet play on: Saturday mornings(beginners) Saturday afternoons (Bronze), Monday mornings (Silver +), Monday afternoons (Bronze), Tuesday mornings Silver), Tuesday afternoons (Bronze) Wednesday mornings (Gold+), Wednesday evenings (Bronze), Thursday afternoons (Bronze)and Friday morning (Handicap games).

We welcome members from other clubs who would like to have a game at Cammeray.

Thinking you might like to take up Croquet?

We have a gentle and well supported process that will take you from raw beginner to the point where you can join in and enjoy a game at any of our social play sessions. Click here for details.

The next 28 days at the Club -

To see a full listing of planned activities click here, but be warned they may change. Always check the Today and Tomorrow announcements below.

Today -

Silver invitation games 9.30- noon (contact Marg O'Brien 0412750078)

Tomorrow -

Beginner coaching 10 am - noon - 1 lawn only
Bronze games 1.30 - 3.30 pm
Christmas Party 4.30 - 6.30 pm


CNSW December Newsletter

Out now. You can download it here

Lawn maintenance schedule

Between now and Xmas there will be quite a lot of maintenance work done on our lawns.

Thu 31st Oct - Insect spray for Couch mites.

Thu 7th Nov - Spray the lawns with herbicide to eradicate everything (ie Blue Couch, carpet grass, paspalum, kikuyu and any other unwanted weeds) retaining only the genuine Couch grass which is the pale green grass. The outcome of this will be a uniform, consistent surface ideal for croquet as real Couch lies flat and is much faster than the Blue Couch which is not really a couch at all. One downside of this activity is that the lawns will have a blotchy appearance until the Couch totally replaces the stuff that has been removed. I am told that this will take about 4-6 weeks.

Thu 21st Nov - repeat the herbicide spray done on the 7th.

Thu 5th Dec - repeat the herbicide spray done on the 7th.

Mon 9th Dec to Fri 13th Dec - Major renovation to lawns. Scarrify, core, topdress and fertilize. The lawns will be pretty much unplayable for about 7-10 days.

The sprayings will be done early in the morning and will be usable that day. Whenever the lawns are sprayed we will have to display warning signs to players to remember to wash their hands after play.